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Christ the King Academy exists to help develop young people. The school stands ready to serve families and their children, helping them to become all they have been designed to be.

Christ the King Academy Serves Families

Children today are growing up in challenging times! Will they have what it takes to face and overcome the complex challenges of life in our rapidly changing world? Or will they cower in the face of life’s problems, missing out on the opportunity to experience the fulfillment and growth that comes through overcoming challenges?

Christ the King School believes that Jesus has a special plan and purpose for every child. We help kids discover Christ’s special calling for their lives as we grow them in their God-given potential. 

As kids discover more and more of all that they are as dearly loved children of God, they grow to become young adults who live out their lives from a deep sense of calling. They know their purpose and they are excited to bring it to life every day in their families, their work, their community, and their churches.

Mission, Vision, and Objectives of Christ the King Academy

Christ the King Academy operates as part of the overall ministry plan of Christ the King Lutheran Church and seeks to carry out the campus-wide mission of…

"Helping People Become All Christ Calls Them to Be"

Christ the King Lutheran Church and Academy work cooperatively in carrying out this mission on campus and in our community. With the all-powerful Word of God CTK will encourage God’s people to grow and  reach out into our community to those who may not yet know Jesus as their Savior from sin.


To carry out its mission, Christ the King Academy commits to working with parents/guardians in training, instructing, developing, encouraging, and nurturing their children


Christ the King Academy partners with families to see children succeed in all aspects of life to ensure that children will have what it takes to make a positive impact in this community and beyond. CTK desires to serve families by helping their children grow and develop into all they are designed to be and has identified four specific areas in which to serve students in the process of Becoming All Christ Calls Them to Be.

  1. Christ the King Academy will partner with families to help students grow within the five domains of development - spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social.


Christ the King Academy also believes that students need to be equipped for a world that is constantly changing. It is likely that many of the careers CTK students will find themselves in do not yet exist.

  1. CTK will partner with families to provide opportunities for students to develop the 21st Century Skills of Critical Thinking/Problem-solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity/Innovation.

  2. CTK will partner with families to provide opportunities for students to develop the Life Success Skills of Integrity, Self-Discipline, Empathy, Perseverance, and Values

  3. CTK will partner with families to equip students for readiness in the 4 C’s - Ready for College, Career, Citizenship, and Christian-living


The blessing of Christian education is that these objectives and qualities are developed with guidance from the scriptural tenants of Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and Love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:37, 39). 

Being guided and directed by this vision and these objectives, CTK School seeks to assist and serve parents as they ask, “Will my child have what it takes to become all he has been designed to be and enjoy life as the Lord intends?”

CTK Personnel

Christ the King Academy is staffed by a group of highly trained professional educators and a dedicated support staff. The teachers and director of the early childhood education program are credentialed through the State of Florida. Kindergarten through grade eight teachers hold at the minimum a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. The school administrator holds a Master of Education degree with an emphasis in educational leadership. 

All personnel are held to a high level of professionalism and are expected to display Biblical ethical principles as they serve students and families.

CTK Facilities

Christ the King Academy is located on U.S. Hwy. 1 N. on the west side of Palm Coast. The campus is secured by fencing, an automated gate, secured access to buildings, and security cameras. Student safety is taken seriously by all personnel.


Classes and other student activities take place in the main church building, early childhood education center building, and seven modular classrooms. 

CTK Financials

Christ the King Academy recognizes that Christian education is an investment in a child’s future and calls for sacrifice and commitment. CTK makes use of tax-payer supported scholarship programs and provides institutional tuition assistance to assist families in paying for Christian education. During the 2019-20 school year, CTK students received over $900,000 in tax-payer funded scholarship programs and CTK tuition assistance. CTK seeks to serve as many families as possible and works with families in meeting the costs of a Christ the King Academy education.

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