Students are permitted to wear any existing polo shirts they still have from previous years. 

The following links are for all future shirts purchased from this point forward.

All uniform polo shirts must be either Purple, Gold, or White.

Girls Uniform Shirts

Short Sleeve (Purple, Gold, or White - Not Yellow!)

Long Sleeve

Boys Uniform Shirts

Short Sleeve

Long Sleeve

Shorts, Pants, & Jumpers

Boys can wear shorts or pants.  They must be khaki or navy in color.  No gym shorts are allowed.  If they have belt loops they must wear a belt.


Girls can wear shorts, pants, skirts, or navy blue jumpers.  They shorts must be khaki or navy in color.  The approved uniform shirts must be worn under the jumpers.  It is requested that when wearing the skirts or jumpers the girls also wear shorts underneath.  There is no specific color for these 'under shorts' so long as they are not not seen.  Leggings, however, must be navy, black, or white in color.  If their shorts, pants, or skirts have belt loops they must wear a belt.


On Fridays all students may wear denim shorts or jeans with either their approved uniform shirt or a CTK T-Shirt which can be purchased through the front office.

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