Oftentimes, families will say private education is too expensive for them. While private Christian education at CTK is certainly an investment, there are scholarships and tuition assistance funds available for families. During the 2021-22 school year, students in CTK grades K - 8 have received over $800,000 in taxpayer-funded scholarships and CTK tuition assistance awards.


Please see Mr. Brown or Mrs. Radikopf if you would like more information about scholarships opportunities or CTK’s tuition assistance program.

Welcome to Christ the King Academy! 

 The admissions period for the 2022-23 school year began on January 1, 2022!

  • Existing students and families:  You will receive an email from TADS on January 1, 2022 that includes a link and a special code.  Please use the information in that email to apply for enrollment for the next school year.  If you have not received an email from TADS please contact Mrs. Radikopf in the school office at 386-447-7979 x 1001.  

  • New students and familiesYou will also apply for enrollment online beginning January 20th.  Your process starts here by completing our online Admissions Application.  Once you complete this application someone will contact you regarding scheduling a campus visit if you have not yet had one.  At your campus visit you will get further details and instructions about enrollment.  If you should have any questions or concerns not addressed on our website please reach out to Mrs. Radikopf in the school office by email or by phone at 386-447-7979 x 1001.

  • STEP ONE:  Schedule a campus visit.  The first step of the admissions process is to schedule a campus visit. We'll show you our campus and sit down with you to answer your questions one-on-one. Click Here to get that visit scheduled.

  • STEP TWO:  Had your campus visit?  Ready to apply?  Click here to fill out our online admissions form to start the enrollment process.

  • STEP THREE:  Enrollment.  Once you've completed the online admissions form our Admissions Team will enter your data and then send you a link from TADS (our online Enrollment & Tuition Management Software).  You can officially enroll and pay the enrollment fee right from the comfort of your home.

  • STEP FOUR:  Billing Agreement.  When you are finished enrolling your child into TADS our Admissions Team will receive email notification from them and then enter your tuition information into the system.  You will then receive a second link from TADS.  Simply click on the link provided, approve the tuition amounts, and enter your checking or credit card information.  Once that is finished your child has officially been enrolled at Christ the King Academy!

Financial Aid Information:

Christ the King Academy recognizes that affording a Christian education can be challenging, especially for those with a limited income. CTK’s tuition assistance program is designed to help families afford this precious Christ-centered education for their children. Families at Christ the King Academy have several pathways for receiving tuition assistance.

  1. Florida Scholarship Programs - HOPE Scholarship, Step Up for Students Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (SUFS), Family Empowerment Educational Opportunities (FES-EO), Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) & AAA Scholarships

  2. If a family receives a statement of ineligibility, or a notice of no funding available, from one of the scholarship programs mentioned above, families may apply for a tuition assistance grant from Christ the King Lutheran Church and School by the taking the following steps.

    1. Complete a Christ the King Tuition Assistance Application (May 1st deadline) and either drop it off in person or email it to the school office. - OR -

    2. Submit family financial information to TADS Financial Aid, an outside agency which performs an objective third party analysis of tuition assistance need.  (May 1st deadline)

      • CTK will receive a report from the outside agency indicating the level of need for each family applying for tuition assistance from CTK.

      • The CTK Tuition Assistance Committee will notify families of their tuition assistance award by June 1 of the upcoming school year.


Families applying for enrollment after the May 1 deadline will follow the same process and the CTK Tuition Assistance Committee will grant any remaining tuition assistance funds by July 20 of the upcoming school year.


Families applying for enrollment or a tuition assistance grant after July 1 will follow the same process with no guarantee of a tuition assistance grant from CTK due to funding limitations.